Alan Graham Front Of House and Monitor Engineer


Hello there, my name is Alan and I am a Front Of House and Monitor Engineer based in the South East.  In my time as an engineer I have worked with over 100 bands and artists both in a touring capacity and for one off events.

I believe and stand by the fact that as a Front Of House engineer my role becomes another instrument within the band.  I therefore do not stick to static mixes but more play the audience and the feel of the room to keep the show fluid and exciting.  Based on this theory when touring or working solely with a band for a period of time the style of music played is very important to me.

I have worked with a variety of Punk and Metal bands doing both UK and European gigs, and primarily I most enjoy mixing and working with Folk Rock, Gothic Rock and Prog Rock bands (varied I know, but at least in one area).

Live music itself to me is all about the feel! When listening to a live band the atmosphere and feeling in the room is what feeds the night.  For me being able to enhance that feeling and keep the buzz is the most important thing in the world of being a mix engineer!